Holkham Beach

Holkham Beach

Voted by travel writers as the ‘Best Beach in the UK’.

Holkham beach is a truly beautiful stretch of sand and one of the most impressive beaches in the UK. Boasting visitor figures of roughly 500,000 people a year it is very popular and was recently voted by travel writers as the ‘Best Beach in the UK’.  The awards don’t stop their though as Holkham has also been presented the dog friendly award from The Kennel Club, an award scheme to encourage public places to adopt a dog friendly attitude to the nations four legged friends.

At low tide the beach stretches for almost a mile before meeting the crashing waves of the sea. This vast expanse of sand has been the scene for a number of movies, TV progammes and music videos over the years, possibly most famously for appearing in Shakespeare in Love. In that particular film, Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow shared the silver screen with the golden sands. Holkham beach has also been best supporting beach in TV shows such as The Avengers and Kingdom and accompanied The All Saints on the video for their hit Pure Shores.

The backdrop to such a beautiful scene is a dense area of pine trees, perfect for a walk in the wilderness or laying out a blanket for a picnic amongst the wildlife.

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